Making Couchsurfing More Social

I am an avid user of CouchSurfing. Thanks to their platform and huge community of people from all over the world, learning about the local culture and making new international friends got much more accessible.

With some extra lines of code they could make their platform much more social. Like many other travellers, I have my travel mate with whom I'm always on the road. Nevertheless, CouchSurfing doesn't offer the option to make a request in the name of multiple users. Obviously, the host wants to know who I'm bringing with me as well.

A true user pain for me and my travel companion. My profile is full of references, whereas hers is still blank. I have seen other users solving this inconvenience by creating a profile as a couple. This is not desirable in my opinion as you want to know individuals for who they are. That's the strength of the platform that should be leveraged: making international friends based on an interest match.

I propose CouchSurfing to add a single line of code -- add a 'Travel Companion' field -- that could make the platform much more social:

CouchSurfing Mockup with travel companion field

Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Millennial entrepreneur. Arts lover. Micro-journalist. Digital nomad. Urban dweller. Feeling at home in Brussels and Tokyo.

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